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Word Crossy – A Сrossword

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Game information

Game title: Word Crossy – A Сrossword

Category: Word Games
Game description:

Crossword is a classic puzzle game everyone used to play back where there were no computers. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of nostalgia and play it on your smartphone these days! The rules are simple: link all letters present on a level into a connected word. But this is just a be-ginning. To complete your task, you need to discover all the words cyphered in the crossword. With over 1400 levels prepared for you by the developers, you are bound to spend hours performing this simple to understand yet challenged to pull off mission. Difficulty will increase along with your progress. You won’t be limited by any time counters, so you can think as long as you need. The game also includes useful hints that will come in handy when you’re stuck at a certain word. Invite your friends and solve crossword puzzles together! Cute visuals and amazing gameplay will keep you occupied for an entire evening!