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5 nights at Freddys: Judgment Day

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Game information

Game title: 5 nights at Freddys: Judgment Day

Category: Animatronic
Game description:

Hey, kids, wanna play and sing a song with a large teddy bear? He is Freddy and he is your best friend, when it comes to fun and joy! Yes, this is how it is before the sun goes down… When darkness falls on the town, Freddy and his charges (other animatronics) turn to horrible monsters, willing for blood and fear. You will lay for a watchman in the pizzeria owned by Freddy. Bad news – you work there at night, when all the animatronics go crazy and start their hunt. They know that you are sitting all alone in your room and have no weapon to defend yourself. So get ready that mechanical dolls will try to enter your place and scare you to death. Believe us, they are really good at scaring people to death, despite the fact that some of them look like cute toys. You have to survive for five nights and do everything to avoid confrontations with animatronics. They will try to get into the room using all possible holes and entrances, including doors, windows, and ventilations tubes. Are you ready to start?