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Emulator Games

The greatest console games never get old – you can play them no matter what. If a game is 30 years old, it doesn’t mean that it cannot become your best way to spend time, right? Especially when it comes to amazing classics you remember from your childhood. At this website, you get access to the most complete and well-sorted collection of amazing emulators. Most of them are the titles you already know, so you will have a really great time playing them and recalling those beautiful nostalgic feelings.

However, young audience would find old-school titles great as well. Just take a look at them – they are so stylish and cool that you cannot stand playing them now. What is more, you just have to launch one and start playing. Very soon you will realize that you just cannot stop – they are super-addictive!

So what is waiting for you in this section? One of the first games that come to your mind when you think about emulators surely is Super Mario. And guess what? We have one of the coolest parts of the series and it is called Super Mario Kart. This is an absolutely new Mario adventure – you will have a car to ride, so get ready to feel the real speed and sense of competition! Next, you must be thinking about one of the greatest hits of 90s and this is Earthworm Jim! Yes, a complicated, a bit mad, and incredibly bright game about a muscular worm is here. He is just a small slimy guy without his suit, right? But once he puts it on, all the enemies shiver from fear. Also, we have the game about the most famous hedgehog in the world – Sonic. As always, he is fast and courageous! Join him and his friend Knuckles to complete all the levels presented by the game and collect as many golden rings as you can.

Also, we have fighting title about mighty toads! Yes, you’ve guessed it – these are The Battletoads and they are here, ready for another cosmic journey and struggles along with heroes from Double Dragon. If you are fan of Disney universe, then you must be waiting for a game based on one of his cartoons. What about Aladdin? He was a poor ordinary guy, but one day his life will change radically! Help him to go through various stories and intrigues, defeat the enemies, and finally unite with his beloved beautiful princess Jasmine. Next game to try is Mortal Kombat, a legendary fighting title where the gods and demons compete in deadly fights to conquer and own the worlds. Choose your destiny! This one is the bloodiest and most popular fighting game of all times and you have to try it for sure. Especially, if you already know how to make Fatality and Brutality. So enter the section with emulators, one of the most popular parts of our site, and have fun with old-school titles!