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8 Ball Pool Games

Wanna play billiards, but can’t go out of the house? Don’t worry, now there are dozens of online versions of this classic game! And although the whole thing is happening on the screen of your computer or smartphone, it’s really not much different from the actual pool session due to incredible implementation of physics and realistic gameplay. So, are you ready to hit those balls into pockets?

How to play?

8 Ball Pool games don’t differ in their rules from the standard American billiards. Colored balls on the playing field, which are displayed in the shape of a triangle, are broken by a white ball called the cue ball. There are fifteen balls in total, and they are all painted in different colors and also numbered. You can hit only the white ball, which must hit the colored balls so that they fall into the pockets.

Balls numbered 1 to 7 are solid colors, ball 8 is black, and balls 9 to 15 are colored stripes. If you managed to pocket a striped ball first, then you only need to pocket the striped balls. Having pocketed all the striped balls, only after that you have the opportunity to pocket the black ball. Having hit such a ball prematurely, and at the same time, having driven it into a pocket, you will lose.

This game makes it possible to play billiards online in full screen with real players from all over the world. The victory is awarded to the one who is the first to be able to score all the necessary balls, and after them the black ball numbered eight. There is also a foul system here: if the cue ball doesn’t hit any of the balls on the playing field, then you have to miss one move.

As realistic as it can get!

What makes 8 Ball Pool games so great is their utter realism. Here it’s not just enough to click your mouse or tap your screen to achieve the desired result. Just like in real life, you have to consider the strength of your hit and adjust the angle of your cue. Depending on it, the trajectory of the ball may differ tremendously. You will learn all these intricacies over time with a little practice. 

If you’re playing on a smartphone, you can also enjoy additional features – like the ability to turn and tilt your device for better aiming and tactile response when a ball is hit. Plunge into the vibrant world of amazing virtual billiards, invite your friends for an online match, take part in tournaments running between. real players and win prizes increasing your position on the leaderboards!