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Survival Games

Survival titles are one of the most popular on the game market and millions of players prefer them over the rest of genres. Well, it’s easy to understand why these titles are so popular – they are thrilling, competitive, and always have a bright pre-history that actually explains why you have to fight for your life so toughly.

What is more, there is a slight touch of something ancient in this passion for survival titles – people had to work hard to continue living from the first days of the world. Still, in the conditions of the old times, where diseases and dangerous animals were far more dangerous, the process of surviving was way harder than today’s one. This is why, game developers that decide to create survival stories, usually invent plots about catastrophes, alien invasion, apocalypses, etc. Of course, with such a course taken, survival games oftentimes include elements of horror, shooter, arcade, and even puzzles. Gamers are fond of this genre because it faces them with serious problems that need to be solved. If the problem is not solved, you usually die. You are in the pressing conditions, expressing that adrenaline rush and excitement, however, the game lets you stay in the comfortable environment, where you have nothing to be afraid of. The severe problems are waiting for you, but you don’t have to panic – just find a creative and efficient solution. That’s all! So this is the main secret of survival and central reason for their popularity.

The idea of survival in the digital environment conquered the market and today you can find numerous titles that allow you to have such an experience. From small titles for mobile devices to large projects with numerous parts, there is an incredibly large choice for the fan of this genre. However, finding the best and most thrilling survivals considering the great variety of them is not easy. We have already done this for you! On this platform, you can enjoy a free access to numerous most-popular, interesting, well-designed and extremely bright titles. The best representatives of the genre like Minecraft, Subnautica and others are uploaded to this page and you can enjoy them as much as you want. In most of them, you are going to find yourself in the post-apocalyptic universe, hostile outer space environment, or a battlefield, where you will have to stand against the difficulties and do your best to stay alive. Dangerous, but exciting stories and situations are waiting for you, so start playing now!