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Candy Crush Games

If you like puzzles and sweet candies, then you will surely adore this cute and bright title. Millions of other players are already in love with Candy Crush! So you will join them very soon. The main aim you have to reach is combining the sweets in the rows. The game is based on the classical and simple principle – you have to choose and combine the matching pictures. Only this one has something more to offer.

First, the unique aesthetics – candies, donuts, cakes, and sweets are everywhere! So much sugar for you, so hang on! Second, there is more than just a set of same-like puzzles here. Instead, there is an entire story behind the process, so you will have to track and follow the cool plot! Real adventures flavored with sugar and syrup are waiting for you, so don’t miss such a cool opportunity to have fun and delight your eyes!

Playing each game from the presented series, you will have to do smart moves. Be aware – your decisions influence your next moves, which means that you have to keep a plan in your head. Try to think at least a couple of steps ahead and you will surely gain success in Candy Crush. Show your smartness and make some clever moves to solve the puzzles faster and more efficiently. When you do manage to complete them perfectly, the game gives you rewards and opens new levels to you. The combinations are always so cute and sweet! Your ultimate goal is to combine three-in-a-row combinations. However, you can add more than three pictures in one row. This will give you even more scores and make you move faster on the field. Sometimes, you will get stuck with your puzzles. And when you do, it is necessary to use the boosters – special tools that allow you to blow some candies up. But be sure that you use these boosters only when a situation is desperate. Don’t waste them in vain – you will surely need them on more advanced levels when the amount of candies will become too large!

Be rational and creative at the same time. Combine the candies in correct order and win one level after another. The backside plot of every part of the game will add more interesting features to the playing process so you won’t get bored even for a second. This will surely entertain you a lot! And remember – the higher strivings you have, the more you get! So play large and become a real candy crusher! The games located in this section can be played for free at any time. You are welcome to enjoy any of them whenever you want. And don’t forget – we have more cool puzzle titles for you here, so make sure to check the other sections for more games! Let the endless fun begin!