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Papa’s Games

Cooking is not just means of survival, it’s also a great hobby everyone can master! And if you show enough persistence and talent, it can also turn into a very profitable and, what’s even more important, enjoyable job. Just like in Papa’s games. This is a kind, exciting and incredibly absorbing series of arcades for all categories of players. It doesn’t mean whether you can cook or not in real life – here it’s enough to love good food, be able to run your business and create a cozy, inviting atmosphere in your restaurant to make it the most popular location in the neighborhood.

Plenty of people will come to your place to taste your meals and spend a nice time dining out. Having started out as a tiny hamburger van or yet another pizzeria at the outskirts of the city, it will grow and expand, brining more and more income and opening up brilliant perspectives before an eager player like you! Are you ready to start? Then let’s put on an apron, take out our frying pans and spatulas and get to work! There are tons of it ahead!

Pizza, pasta or cakes – bon appetit!

So, who is Papa Loui? This is a charming somewhat plump man in his 40s desperately in love with culinary. He has already opened quite a lot of dining places – a pizza house, a bakery, a sweets shop and even an Italian restaurant! But he isn’t going to stop there. Our hero enjoys exploring new cuisines and adding his own inimitable flavor to various dishes. His pizzas are the cheesiest, his pasta is the creamiest and his desserts are the sweetest in the world! Customers love him for his extraordinary meals and his enterprising, joyful character. You’ll surely be enchanted by this amazing Italian fellow too! After getting to know him a bit better, you’ll willingly lend him a helping hand in the kitchen.

Kitchen is not for weaklings!

Don’t relax – working in a restaurant is no piece of cake (pun intended)! You have to stay on the move quickly switching from kneading pizza dough to chopping vegetables and remembering to turn off the oven in time where another pizza is almost done. All that while taking orders from customers. And make no mistake, they won’t be waiting for the meal too long! If you’re too slow and your cooking process is badly organized, you’ll loose clientele and reputation. But if you do everything in time, solid earnings are guaranteed! You can spend them on new recipes and cooking equipment that you’re going to need soon – word about your great cafe will spread fast, so be ready for a surge of hungry guests! Play fascinating Papa’s games online and become a star chef!