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Coronavirus / COVID-19 Games

Coronavirus is spreading rapidly over our planet. Almost all the countries are now infected, the government has announced quarantine and people don’t feel secure anymore. But does that mean we really need to get all scared and panicky? It’s much better to keep one’s spirits up and confront this whole situation with fun playing COVID-19 games online!

This is a great way to spend all that spare time we now have indoors and maybe even learn a little more about the danger that is hanging over us all. An of course, try to deal with it, at least in the virtual reality!

Race through the supermarket!

We’ve already seen plenty of games about infections and pandemics. But such a thing has never before been so close to our daily lives. In the light of recent news, old concepts and plots gain a much more viral meaning. Empty streets, panic at supermarkets and people in protective masks – all this is happening right here, right now. And COVID-19 games give you a chance to handle this uneasy time! You can start by stocking up on all the necessary goods to survive through the quarantine at a department store. Just be ready that there will be plenty of other customers eager to snatch the last roll of toilet paper from under your very nose. To leave with your cart full of foods and essentials, you need to be fast and agile. Deftly maneuvering between the aisles and outrunning other visitors, go for the desired products. Perhaps you’ll even have to put up a fight for that package of spaghetti, but this is war and you can’t show mercy to anyone. Just make sure to steer clear of those who have already been infected otherwise the disease will spread on to you as well! And then who knows, maybe your fate will be even worse than dead. Maybe you’ll turn into a zombie. And then an innocent supermarket race will turn into a horror shooter! You’d better hurry to the cash desk before the events take an ugly twist!

Come up with a cure!

How about trying to cure the world from coronavirus? With proper lab equipment and all the chemistry you can think of, there might be a chance to come up with a vaccine that will eliminate the problem for good. Of course, that won’t be easy. You’ll have to combine different ingredients, test them out on volunteers and study the effects. Just note that your time is limited and the number of infected will be growing by the day, so make sure your experiments amount to something and fast! Confront COVID-19 in our awesome online games and you won’t feel so bad about it in real life!