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Running Games

Tired of monotonous and slow-paced games? We have something to surprise you! This section contains a variety of runners from which you will receive an adrenaline rush for the whole day! This genre is for those who don’t like to linger in one place for a long time. Here to stop means to lose. Your main weapons will be your legs, speed and the ability to quickly make the right decisions to avoid colliding with an obstruction or falling into a trap. Various obstacles on the way will be encountered constantly, and this is the main challenge that you will have to deal with while playing runners. And don’t forget to collect bonuses to maximize your score!

Ready, set, go!

This is an incredibly vibrant and dynamic gaming section that will keep you on edge from the first seconds and won’t let you get bored. Constant movement and drive – that’s what awaits you in runners. Take about instilling the idea of an active lifestyle! After all, running is a natural and wonderful sport. Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t always allow you to put on your sneakers and go outside. But you can always enjoy running online with these great games!

The hero of runners has to be continuously on the move, running to the end of the level, picking up bonuses on the way and at the same time managing to overcome all kinds obstacles. Activity, movement and adrenaline are integral parts of these games. You can’t stop for a minute! You run at a constant speed all the time and usually can only change direction, jump and roll. Some games have a special item system that allows you to accelerate or fly over obstacles. They can either be picked up along the route or bought in a special store for the points earned in the process.

Tension getting higher and higher! 

Even if you breezed through the first few levels, don’t think it’s going to be just as easy all the time! With each new level, the number of opponents increases and the complexity of the track grows. A dizzying adventure awaits you! Games of this genre develop good reaction and fine motor skills. To pass later levels, one must be extremely dexterous and attentive. Help your favorite heroes cope with all the hindrances and collect a maximum number of bonuses on the way to the finish line! Some runners also have a gripping story behind bare action – you travel across various locations approaching some important goal. Are your fingers already itching? Then don’t wait any further and start running!