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Puzzle Games

Wanna be a pro in thinking outside the box and taking efficient decisions in challenging situation? Then diversify your daily routine with online puzzle games! This exciting and addicting activity is always available on our site. Regular trainings will allow you to reach the highest level of logical skills and you’ll be able to find a graceful solution to the most mind-blowing riddle!

Try to outsmart your rival

Basically, puzzles are any sort of task that needs to be solved. For instance, while running a investigation, detectives gather evidence, build a psychological portrait of the criminal, study the answers of the witnesses. This is important to put all pieces together and catch the one guilty. But there are also other, more peaceful and less dangerous varieties of puzzles you can indulge in any minute. Almost any logic game you used to play as a kid is now available online. Crossword puzzles, tic-tac-toe, Rubik’s cube, battleship, sudoku – the options are hard to enumerate. You can play either with a computer program or with your friends. If you have nobody to arrange a match with right now, there are plenty of random players in the web eager to join you.

Complete quests, find escapes and unravel mysteries

Since the benefit of puzzle games is obvious and there is such a broad assortment of them, they are popular with all categories of users. If you have a spare minute, you can just launch a game of your choice and make a virtual room escape interacting with the surrounding objects. There are clues scattered all over the screen. If you look carefully, you will find a solution to proceed one step further. Most of the times the story is also connected with some sort of a mystery, so it will be interesting for you to see the outcome.

You can also select from a huge number of online quests where the character wanders around a location or roams through a maze activating various mechanisms, moving items and using codes to get to a certain object that needs to be obtained or find a passage to the next level. You’re going to need observation and ingenuity to reach your goal. Sometimes the game can be passed only by two players working as a team and combining their unique abilities. This is just the beginning of the list! Look through our site and find your perfect puzzle game to play today!