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New Year Games

There is no such time of the year as Christmas! Everything goes colorful and shiny, people decorate their houses with twinkling lights, there is a smell of fur trees and festive dinners coming from the door and the spirit of the holiday is hovering in the air. This is a time when we can relax and spend an evening with our dearest and nearest, friends and family.

On Christmas Eve, we again believe in miracles, just like in our childhood, and waiting for Santa to stop his slay in front of our home and silently slip through the chimney to put lovely presents in our stockings. You can celebrate this Christmas with even more warmth and fun playing our wonderful Christmas games online!

Let the winter fun begin!

How do people entertain themselves in winter? The options are plentiful. You can decorate a Christmas tree, bake a turkey, play snowballs or go sledging. All this is also available online! Why go outside and get all wet and dirty when you can arrange a thrilling snowball fight with your friends over the web? See who is the most accurate and agile, because in this game it’s important not only to aim well, but also to dodge the shots of your opponents. Maybe you’d like to spend some time on the North Pole? It’s not only inhabited by Polar bears and penguins, there is also someone else living here for long, long centuries!

Give Santa a helping hand!

Who is the main Christmas character you know? Of course, it’s Santa, the kind-hearted white-bearded old man whose sack is bursting with amazing gifts. Unfortunately, he’s a bit absent-minded and could use your help with this present-delivery routine. Guide Santa’s slay through an obstacle-packed forest, lead him across the roofs of the downtowns and busy megapolis and make sure none of the presents falls out during your journey! And if some are lost along the way, you’re going to return and pick them up. Hurry, you need to get everything done before Christmas! Otherwise some kids might be left without their toys and you can’t let that happen. In return, Santa will kindly agree to send personal congratulations to your family and friends. Just imagine, they will actually be able to hear his voice! And if there is still some time left, you can join Santa in his hobbies. Did you know that he goes in for weight-lifting? And this isn’t the only surprise our incredible Christmas games have in store for you! Flip through our festive set and pick an option to your liking!