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Baldi’s Basics Games

It’s supposed for a teacher to be devoted to their job and wish the best for their students. But not all teachers are like that. In fact, some of them really hate children. It seems they chose their job just to have a chance of taking it out on poor helpless kids. Because a teacher is always an authority and it’s very hard to prove they are actually a real monster, especially if you don’t do your homework.

So you just end up sitting in the class, trembling and hoping they won’t call you to the blackboard. That’s exactly what Baldi is. And these games are dedicated to dealing with such a wicked teacher in the only way a schoolboy can – running away from him all over the campus!


This teacher is mad!


Baldi teaches one of the most complicated subjects – math. And he loves it when students give wrong answers! Because then he has an excuse for flipping out and chasing them with his long ruler threatening to beat the hell out of them. It’s your turn to answer now and you will get away easily if you know how to add, subtract and multiply. But if you make even the slightest mistake, Baldi will go mad! When you see him approaching you with an angry face, that should be an indicator that you have to start running immediately! But it’s not enough to just shake Baldi off your tail when he starts chasing you – you also have to find and fill out seven notebooks that are scattered around the school. Only after giving the right answers, you will be able to go home, hopefully unharmed and without encountering Baldi face to face.


Run for your life!


The main character has a stamina meter that gradually runs out. So if you want to stay on the move, you have to refill your energy level by eating chocolate bars or any other suitable food from vending machines. You can also stock up on snacks and put them into your backpack – that will also come in handy if you meet a bully. You see, bullies here have a sweet tooth, and it will be easy for you to make friends with them if you just hand them a candy. 


However, bullies aren’t the only people that will try to thwart you. You may be tempted to stop for a while and jump the rope with adorable-looking preschoolers. But note that they are actually working for Baldi! You can’t trust anyone here. Just your own reflexes and ingenuity. Play Baldi’s Basics games online, test both your knowledge of math and your agility and see if you can get away from the insane teacher safely!