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Strategy Games

Are you fond of games that make you think hard and plan everything beforehand? Are you that type of a smart guy who wants to control things and keep them in order? If optimizing resources and managing large projects are your cup of tea, then you probably like strategy games. These are amazing titles that allow you to apply all of your best skills and test them on practice. We have gathered a huge collection of winning strategies for you – choose the one you like and immerse yourself in the beautiful world of efficient thinking.

Numerous titles to enjoy

Strategy games vary. They can use different plots and transfer you to various worlds. From the historical periods, like ancient Egypt and medieval ages, to distant planets and highly-technological future, there are endless plots to outlive. We welcome to you to check these games out and become a creator, builder, manager, and almost a God. Indeed, the main feature of these titles is that they give you a god-like perspective – not only you observe the lands from high above, where you can see and track everything that happens below. Also, you are the one to choose the way to interfere and find the best solutions to make the world you are controlling better. Most strategies encourage you to fulfill different tasks, namely resources gathering, their smart usage, unit creation and training, development, building, and more. In most cases, to fulfill a certain task like building or training of your warriors, you will have to complete some other tasks before. You definitely need building materials to make a tower or a castle. Also, you need to create a training field to allow your soldiers improve their skills. These games include a logical causality and you should follow it carefully to reach success.

The whole world to explore and create

Also, strategy games are never limited to building and creation, even though these activities are engaging and interesting. At some point, when your kingdom becomes strong enough and you are ready for a battle, you will have to move beyond your lands to conquer more territories. We suggest that you should do that as fast as you can, especially when you take part in the multiplayer strategies – speed of development and clever ways to optimize it are everything. You should start attacking your enemies before they do the same and come to your land. Chances are, that if you won’t be fast enough, you will not be ready to meet the enemies and they will break your kingdom or base into pieces. Good luck and have fun!