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Plague Inc Games

One can never feel safe with all those viruses floating around. And even if you have a strong immune system, it doesn’t mean that some particularly nasty germ can’t worm its way into your organism and mess a few vital things up there. Despite the best efforts of the medical community, some diseases still remain incurable. And with the number of people contacting each other on a daily basis, if some super virus shows up on the scene, it won’t be long until the whole world is infected.

That’s exactly the sort of scenario Plague Inc is based on. You’ll get to slip into the robe of a mad scientist hellbent on destroying humanity and working on a combination of deadly features that will make his invention lethal to everyone on this planet. Are you smart enough to implement your daring plan? Let’s find out!

Come up with a perfect apocalypse formula!

Welcome to your virtual laboratory where you’ll be researching and growing all kinds of viruses until you come up with a perfect one! Each of the bacterias at your disposal has a certain set of characteristics that can be extracted, amplified and put into one megagerm that you’ll then release into the big world. Just don’t overdo it – you don’t want your dark agenda to be revealed before time. If the symptoms are too heavy, the doctors will put everyone on the alert mode. It’s in your best interest that your victims remain unaware of the virus that is out there to get them as long as possible. So make sure noone spits blood and gets covered with stains of weird colors until the germ takes root in their system.

Infect the world and kill everyone!

It’s up to you to decide how exactly to spread your fatal decease. It can be transmitted by air, water or through animals – everything depends on the country you’ll pick as a starting point for your germ invasion. Not that the government will take preventive measures. The infected will be put into quarantine and the rest of the population will become paranoid about their food and general safety. And if you decide to bring something like a classic zombie apocalypse upon their heads, you can be quite certain that the mankind will strike back with armed resistance. The first few attempts of yours will likely fail because of that. But challenges only make Plague Inc more interesting to play! Don’t give up, try new approaches, learn from your mistakes and don’t rest until you kill every last living soul on the earth surface!