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Friday Night Funkin Games

Friday Night Funkin is a rhythm game. During the musical battle, you must repeat pressing the arrows like the enemy, in time to keep up with the rhythm of the song. You need to defeat all of your opponents to win the heart of your beloved one whose father is a rock star and doesn’t let anyone near his daughter – hopefully, except you!

Shine on stage!

The fights run in the form of music competitions at the night club. Sometimes you will sing along with the enemy, or synchronously press arrows with your opponent. And this is where the whole difficulty lies… Five weeks are open to you (along with the tutorial), where each has its own rival, and all these weeks can be passed on an easy, normal, and hardcore level of difficulty. These levels differ in the number of arrows that must be pressed and sometimes in high speed. Each opponent will have three battles, and all three of them vary in difficulty and music.

Speaking of which, the songs are just great. When you play it is very cool to listen to. Some of the tracks are actually so amazing that you would like to keep in my playlist. The game seems to say: it’s a real rap battle, not just some amateur staging! And this is clearly visible. When you press the arrow in time, you hero makes a sound to the rhythm, as if he is singing. It’s also cool that if you don’t press the arrow when you need to, the main character will shrink and get shy of his failure. 

A very interesting detail! All sounds of the hero and opponents are heard as just sounds (only vaguely reminiscent of singing). But there are some opponents who are singing! One is a local rapper with a gun, the other is a horror lemon (you may find this strange, but you must be scared). Overall, Friday Night Funkin does a great job at being as melodic as possible.

Not just about music!

The other aspects of the game are decently implemented too. There is some sort of a story and a final goal of everything that you’re doing – being together with the girl of your dream. So you see, the main hero is not just searching for fame, he actually has a big and loving heart. And that immediately evokes sympathy for him. The game is made in a cartoon form, with large proportions. That is, the picture of the character, the enemy, and everything else is bigger than necessary. The graphics is simple, but tasteful. Play Friday Night Funkin online, fight against different opponents, enjoy incredible tunes and improve your sense of rhythm!