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Fortnite Games Online

In 2017 the Epic Games studio released Fortinate in the form 2 versions which, however, have the same mechanics and art style. The first one is Fortinate: Save the World, a survival shooter for 2-4 players, where they unite to kill zombies and protect valuable objects. The second one is Forinate: Battle Royale, a battle game for 1-100 players, where they are fighting against each other until the last survivor.

Battle Royale have been an amazing success and received an audience of 125 million in one year. This project brought a whole lot of money to Epic Games and people discussed it as a real phenomenon.

In Save the World mode you are encouraged to work as a team member against the hostile surroundings. There is a same aim and the team of players follows it together. The story starts after a storm that ruins almost the entire planet Earth and kills 98% of people. Those who have survived find themselves in a post-apocalyptic world where they must fight against zombies to stay alive. During the game, you act as one of the survivors collecting items, saving others, and finding information about the catastrophe. On the contrary, Battle Royal is a struggle against other players on your own. Characters are landed on a game map having no objects and their mission is to gather everything that may help them survive. Like any other classical survival game, Battle Royal expects that you will get yourself things you can fight with and things you can use to protect yourself from the enemies. Those enemies are not zombies here, but other people, who appeared in the same place as you. They will be attacking you and you will be doing your best to stay alive. Over a certain period of time, the storm occurs and the land area becomes smaller. Therefore, the space of conjunction becomes tight. The tighter the space, the more often you meet other players, who are trying to annihilate you. Only the last person who handles the battle becomes a winner. The map environment can be modified in both modes. Players use mechanical picks to break ambient objects and get resources to build a shelter. The building materials vary in properties and robustness and may be improved by the materials of the same kind.

Both Fortinate games received significant attention from the audience. The Save the World version had more than a million of players in 2017, but Save the World brought even more success to Epic Games. This version became extremely popular and even celebrities claimed that they play it. A wave of streams by Tyler Davis (Ninja) occurred in March 2018. He played with Travis Scott, Drake, Pittsburgh Steelers, Kim DotCom, and some professional gamers. Currently, the Epic Games studio develops competition in Battle Royale and promises a Fortinate World Cup in 2019. More than 10 million people joined the game by June 2018. The pick of Royal’s popularity brought an incredible income of millions of dollars. The amount of players was that big that the team of developers had to split up in two parts to support each version of Fortinate. The game was also very popular among students and pupils, especially when the mobile application appeared. There were growing concerns about Fortinate that distracts children from learning because they couldn’t stop playing.