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Time Management Games

In our fast world, time is everything. However, the word combination “time management” is not only a phrase you can hear from the office workers. This is also a genre of the games! And pretty entertaining ones. So, time managements entertainments are focused on your speed. First of all, you will have to pass the levels of the game completing presented tasks before the time expires.

As such, numerous of different plots can be used for such a genre. There are quizzes, cooking games, and even medical treatment ones. In this section, we have gathered a large collection of time management titles and you will have a really great time playing them. Just never panic when you cannot manage to complete a certain task before the deadline strikes. Remember, each task requires concentration and attention! You won’t be able to focus and gather all of your thoughts if you feel stressed. So just calm down and do what you have to do. Think about your every decision, be careful, but never panic! This is a key to success.

So what are those incredible games we have prepared for you in this section? Let’s start with some cooking titles. All fans of Italian food will surely like the game called Papa’s Pizzeria. As you have already guessed, you will have to prepare pizza here! There are so many clients in your restaurant and all of them are so hungry! They cannot wait to taste your incredible hot pizza. So be fast and feed them all! Also, there is another game from the same series, only here you will prepare Japanese food. Sushi require special attention – you must make them look beautiful and taste delicious. Make sure that all of your dishes look like art! And be fast, the time is ticking. Also, there is another cooking title here and it is called Top Burger. If you are a great fan of beef, crispy bread, vegetables, and amazing souse all combined in one dish – try making burgers. Don’t forget that your time for every burger is limited!

There are more titles here to try. For example, Hospital Dash is a game where you will have to save people’s lives in a hospital. Doctors are always limited in time – a missed minute can cost everything. Try to help all patients and save them from dying! Also, here you can play Bartender Perfect Mix, a funny title where you will meet a lady who wants to have some drinks in a bar. Your task is to control the process and make her mix different types of beverages smartly. Try not to let her get too drunk – she will feel sick very soon. Play these and other cool games for free!