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FNAF Games

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a cross-platform indie-horror and survival game confronting the player with a cute-looking, but rather cruel teddy bear named Freddy. The action takes place in a pizzeria that is famous for its collection of mechanic toys. During the day, Freddy and his friends sing and dance in the cafe entertaining the visitors, but at night they turn into merciless monsters wandering around in search of human blood.

You’ll play as a night guard called Mike who was unlucky to get a job at the cursed pizza house. One night, he heard strange noises and saw someone walking around the pizzeria on his security cameras. He was horrified to find out that those were animatronics who came to life after darkness and tried to get into the security room! Luckily, Mike still has an advantage over them: at least, he can watch the toys through the cameras and control electric doors blocking their way. However, there is one catch: the supply of electricity is running low every minute, so you have to use it reasonably, otherwise you won’t make it till morning… Will you be able to spend five nights in this nightmare? Let’s see…

Five Nights at Freddy’s is an incredibly well-designed game, both in terms of graphics, gameplay and atmosphere. It is really creepy! The game has proved so popular that developers decided to release a few sequels. As of today, there are a total of five FNAF versions, each adding a new twist to the familiar story while retaining the general mood of the franchise. New releases introduce a slew of new settings and characters sending you to a dark empty house with nothing but a flashlight in your hand or to a desolate amusement park where every ride can be a trap! Get a shot of adrenaline and tickle your nerves playing FNAF, again and again!