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Bob the Robber Games

The life of a thief can be full of romantic elements. They have to hide, come up with evil plans and strategies, and bother the society by their existence. The robbers can be different, though. Some of them are really nasty people, who take someone’s goods and disappear. This is especially rude, when they attack people, who have achieved those goods with their hard work and honest deeds.

However, there are analogues of Robin Hood – thieves, who have dignity, honesty, and fight against the injustice of society. Bob is exactly a robber of that kind. He is a smart little fellow with a great deal of tricks in his pocket. Bob stands against the social inequality, conspiracy, and people who have received their goods in a vicious way.

There is an extensive journey of Bob you are welcome to try. We have gathered all the parts of the series right here, on this site. So you can start the journey from the very first one and move the latest one, until you have enough of thrilling adventures. In most parts, you will be acting as a so-called “national hero”, a person who takes money from the rich people and gives them to the poor. Indeed, sometimes, social equality cannot be reached in the other way. You have to act and do whatever you can to change the world, because it won’t ever change itself. This is how Bob thinks. That’s why, he started this journey and made it the sense of his life. You will get into the buildings, find money and costly objects, collect them, and try to escape without being caught by the guards. If you do that successfully, the game will place you to the next level. If you fail, you will have to start it again. In the other parts of the game, Bob will have even more fantastic adventures. He will act as a member of a secret party that fights against the corruption and unlawful acts of the government. Again, his missions will be all about sneaking and getting the valuable objects. Be very careful on your way – modern Robin Hoods have too many challenges to face. In the ancient times, there were no cameras and advanced system of security with all that lasers and other prevention methods. The guards will also try to chase and catch you, so be fast and attentive.

We bet that you will have a really good time sneaking and robbing with Bob. He is man of dignity and does some really important things for the world he lives in. Join this brave and desperate man, who doesn’t care about his own destiny, but has a great passion for other people. He fights corruption and injustice with all his powers, so he needs to assist him on this complicated way. Start with the very first part of the series and experience the entire saga about Bob the robber. We have located all the available parts on this resource, so you can play them all. Feel yourself as a hero of an incredible story! And the best thing is that all of the parts are free to play. You can access each of them online without a need to download or install. Also, you don’t have to search for them anywhere else, since they are gathered at one place for your convenience – right here. Give it a try and have fun!