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Among Us Games

In this game, you and your buddies will make a perfect team of astronauts! But there is one “but” that keeps your team of being really perfect. In fact, it is divided into two parts – one of them consists of astronauts on a mission, hard-working guys that try to deal with their duty and complete the task. The second part consists of betrayals, guys who want to spoil the mission and do their nasty deeds under disguise. Secretly, they will spoil the equipment, try to ruin the spaceship, and even kill the representatives of the other team. The task of the first team is to distinguish the betrayals and get rid of them before they completely spoil everything. The task of the second team, accordingly, is to break the mission.

The game is a multiplayer played from the third person perspective. You will view the game filed from above and move in all directions. One round of the game accepts 4-10 players simultaneously. At the very beginning of the round, every player gets the role – whether a member of the team or a betrayal. The roles are assigned secretly, so nobody knows who is who. The betrayals are called Impostors. They can hide anywhere in the rooms, including ventilation, kill the astronauts, and arrange the rebellions. Impostors cannot kill each other, only the members of the opposing team. The main aim is to murder them all or at least make the number of players equal – the “drawn” game means the victory of betrayals. Also, they can win by ruining the spaceship or research base (it depends on the map you are playing on). The aim of the astronauts is opposite – they have to deal with numerous puzzles and personal quests that can be found anywhere on the map. If all the tasks are resolved, the team of the astronauts wins. The other way to win the game is to distinguish and punish all the betrayals.
When one of the Impostors kills the astronaut, the corpse stays on that spot. At the moment the corpse is found, any player can start an immediate voting, where the players can offer their suggestions regarding the killer. Each of you will vote and you can even vote for yourself, claiming that you are the killer. The one who gets maximal amount of votes will be killed – thrown in the outer space, volcano, etc. Both astronauts and betrayals can be punished, so be careful to avoid mistakes. When the character dies, he/she can continue playing as a ghost. The astronauts can complete tasks after death, while the Impostors can continue sabotaging. The only restriction is that you cannot vote or communicate with other players anymore. However, instead of that feature, you can walk through the walls and see everything that is happening around. If all the betrayals are found and killed, the astronauts win the game. Betrayals can lock the rooms, turn off the lights, block oxygen, and ruin the system of communication. If one of them kills someone, he/she cannot repeat this action right away – there is a need to wait for a while. Enjoy the free version of this exciting and thrilling game on this page right now!