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GTA 5 Games

After nine years, we return to the sunny streets of Los Santos, the city of the American Dream. This is Grand Theft Auto V and it’s better than ever! There is a new scenario, new environment with lots of things to do and people that all look different and a new character concept. You can learn about it in detail playing GTA 5 online. Enjoy the new chapter of your favorite gangster franchise on our site!

Open world, plenty of activities!

What distinguishes the new release from its counterparts is that the sandbox here is so bright, thoughtful and unpredictable that you can plunge into the story at any moment. Bandits steal handbags, motorbikes and cars (and you can help the owner return the stolen goods), cops shoot fire with street gangs and rednecks (it is not forbidden to participate), forest deer run out onto the road, accidents occur at construction sites, people swear and fight… Every second, something happens. This is not just scenery – you can intervene in any random event. GTA 5 is more than just a territory where you need to go from point to point in the story, indulging in a massacre when you get bored. Rockstar has created a real ecosystem, with almost no rules and conventions, very beautiful and comfortable.

New gangster adventures – 3 in 1!

There are now three main characters instead of one that not only coexist, but also complement each other. Franklin and Michael, although trying to trick the system, still live by its rules; Trevor is completely marginalized and asocial. Just like some people play GTA, destroying everything and everyone in their path – this is how Trevor lives. And if the first two resemble CJ and Tommy Versetti, Trevor is more like Claude Speed from the second chapter, who survives as best he can. All three, by the will of fate, are connected by a common storyline, which, however, comes down to the standard motive for the series: earn a ton of money and make as many enemies as possible (and then kill them). The most interesting thing is that you can switch between characters. When, say, Michael has to lay low, we go to Trevor, who has another crazy trick on the agenda. You can choose whether to fly a helicopter in the role of Trevor, whether to drop Michael or cover Franklin’s teammates Many story missions in the game are joint for all three, so it’s not only spectacular and thrilling, but also very intriguing to play. See for yourself plunging into the severe and fascinating criminal world of GTA 5 online!