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Service Games Free

Running your own business is no piece of cake, even if you serve cakes to your virtual customers on a regular basis. Our wide selection of service games will allow you to try your hand at restaurant management, sales business and even opening your own amusement park. Strategic approach and good economy skills are a must if you hope to succeed and see your enterprise flourish. It will be tough at first and even tougher later. But you are going to handle it learning from your mistakes and using the right solutions to boost your profit.

Games like Diner City and Papa Loui will put you in charge of a dining outlet you have to evolve from a burger wagon or ice-cream shop into a premium hangout with dozens of visitors. Doing that will require you to build up a hefty income by promptly serving tasty snacks to hungry customers. Make sure you deliver the orders in time to get the highest tips and solid reputation. As you accumulate more funds, you can upgrade your kitchen equipment, learn new recipes, hire helpers and redesign your place to make it more attractive to a well-off audience. More clients means more orders, so you need to increase your management skills accordingly to keep up with the growing difficulty.

Wanna open a deluxe boutique or make a fortune selling iPhones? Our online games will give you a chance to build a successful business career expanding your assortment, customizing your shop to make it more profitable and trendy and improving your service level to live up to customer expectations. In Shopping Street, you can sell just about anything from household appliances to antique goods, just make sure you do it right. Careful management and smart approach will allow you to leave your competition far behind. But that also means you need to keep an eye on several things at once, consider every aspect of your business and be capable of taking important decisions on the spot. Can you do it?

Those wishing to try something extraordinary can take a shot at running a theme park or zoo. Fill your park with fascinating rides and inviting snack booths, design it according to your own taste and sell tickets to a huge stream of guests. Buy the most amazing animals for your zoo, provide them with clean and comfortable cages and make sure they are just as happy as the visitors. The variety of modes, including Trial and Sandbox, give you complete freedom of actions. Whether you enjoy completing challenging missions and getting rewards or simply want to build whatever you like and have fun with it, online service games will give you plenty of opportunities to express yourself!