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Games Raft Survival

The amazing collection of survival games united under the title Raft is available at our resource absolutely for free. You are welcome to play them for free at any time you feel so. What is more, we track the newest parts and chapters as well as modes and add-ons that appear on the market. Finding, testing, and uploading them for you, we offer hours of amazing entertainment and all the newish features you may want to check out.

So here you go – all existing parts of Raft are at your disposal and you are welcome to play them as much as you want at any time of day and night. Don’t forget to check this page for updates – we are going to provide them as fast as they appear.

So, what is waiting for you in the incredible world of Raft survival games? First of all, this world is all about adventures, epic and unforgettable. Everything starts when you wake up on the raft right in the middle of an endless ocean. You can see only water around yourself for miles. Everything you have is a couple of wooden pieces under your feet, your skilled hands, and plastic hook. From the very beginning of the game, the water is calm and quiet. The waves are weak and shiny. You can hear them moving around you, breaking towards your raft. The sun is shinning, tender wind is playing with your hair. But this idyllic view is just a beginning, because the real nature of the ocean is stormy and dangerous, which you will find out very soon. The extremal adventures are waiting for you and you will have to deal with thirst, hunger, and wild oceanic animals. You can play the game alone, trying to make your way through the difficulties trying to find at least a small piece of land. The raft is just a small and weak piece of wood at the very start of the game, but thanks to your skills, passion for life, and a little instrument, you have all chances to make it better and stronger. The hopeless piece of wood can turn into a gigantic house on the oceanic surface, if you will manage to improve it in the process. Everything depends in your aspiration and fantasy!

In this section, you will find all the available parts of Raft survival title. From the very first chapter to the latest one, you will have a chance to continue your adventures and discover new opportunities for survival when everything seems to be hopeless. Even if you are in the middle of an ocean and don’t have anything to help you – there is a chance to get through this and find the land at all costs. If you are a fan of survival and funny games where you need to show all of your imagination and strength to reach the aim, then we are pretty sure – Raft will become your most favorite title ever. Enter the game now and test yourself as a raft survivor! We bet that you will enjoy the process a lot! There is also a multiplayer version here, so you are welcome to survive as a team together with your friends.