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Need For Speed Games

If you do like speed, night tracks, engines, and all that freshness of the air, then Need for Speed will become your favorite. This one is a relatively old title – we know it for more than a decade. No wonder that it stays in the top of the best riding games ever for so long. It presents an incredible and super-unique style – you are welcome to create any kind of vehicle on your own.

The options for customization are endless and everything is limited by your own imagination only. So don’t be shy to create something funky and fancy – this is your perfect chance to take an experiment and make something really awesome. Trucks and smaller cars can be changed, customized, decorated, and so on.

Not only you can change the colors of the existing car models, but your experiments can go much further. The real hit here is a set of stickers! They are very cool and you can choose one to make your creation look individualized. Everyone will know that it belongs to you, so this might something like a personal trade mark that informs everyone about the car owner. Let them now that this incredible steel horse belongs to the toughest and most stylish guy in the city! Well, everything doesn’t stop on the creation process, of course. It is just a beginning and there is more to come. Real fun starts when you are finally done with preparations and decorations. Now you are going to get a bit wild! Enter the streets of the night city and push the gas! The beautiful sightseeing of the streets that burn with the lights and signs will become your home. Feel yourself like a fish in the water – speed is definitely your natural environment! Just be ready that policemen have another opinion about the romantics of the night races, so they will try to catch you. However, you can drive even faster and get away from those boring and annoying cops. They will be your main enemies in this game, so find the way to trick them like a boss. Remember, these guys are cunning – they will hide and make traps on the road, so the confrontation might happen unexpectedly (if there are unexpected confrontations between those, who try to defend the law and those who try to break it). However, your skills will help you drive faster and avoid any problems with cops! Make your engine roar like a tiger, pierce the night wind, and become the best and most bizarre city rider ever. Check all parts of Need for Speed at this resource – we have gathered the best of them and uploaded each and every for you. Try them and have fun!