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Android Free Games Play Online – Mobile, Phone, Tablet Games

Today we all want to stay connected, but mobile phones have long become more than mere means  of communication. They combine the functions of music players, photo and video cameras, social networks, electronic books, mini computers and platforms for online games. On our site you’ll find a vast choice of Android and iOS games among which you will easily find the genre that excites you most of all! You won’t even have to download anything. Just choose your favorite category, pick a title that seems most attractive to you and launch the game online from any type of device, including PCs, tablets and smartphones. Enjoy virtual adventures, solve fascinating puzzles and accomplish dangerous missions!

Games to any taste

The giant family of Android and iOS games offers a multitude of genres that will match any taste. If you like setting sports records, try playing soccer or golf on a virtual field, meet your friends on a boxing ring or take part in head-spinning races along the most thrilling tracks! Legendary titles like NFS will send your pulse sky-high! You can play either solo or team up with other people from all over the world.

Perhaps you want to tickle your nerves with a good horror? The increasingly popular genres of stealth horror and escape room will stun you with a truly spooky atmosphere and witty tasks you need to accomplish to save your skin or get closer to unraveling a mystery. Try to survive in a pizza house filled with monstrous animatronics in FNAF or find out what your suspicious-looking neighbor hides in the basement by playing Hello Neighbor.

Those enjoying a calmer pastime will appreciate a variety of puzzles, Mahjongs, three in a row games and other classic options like chess, backgammon and tic tac toe. Try to outsmart the computer or your friends on different levels of difficulty, build powerful combos and gain points to up your position on the leaderboard. Some puzzles are pretty imaginative and challenge you to complete a series of levels bound into a single story. Help Swompy, a hygiene-loving crocodile living in the sewers, connect water to his bathtub or feed an ever-hungry green creature by clipping candies into his mouth in Cut the Rope.

Legendary franchises

We regularly update our catalogue with new games that recently hit the market and fresh versions of old franchises everyone heard about. Here you can find various Minecraft mods introducing new elements to familiar pixelated gameplay. Now you can craft and explore with even wider opportunities! The famous Angry Birds series also keeps expanding sending you to chase the evil pigs across a variety of settings and out into the open space. You can also join the other side and help pigs plan and execute their revenge. More recent games like Talking Tom don’t stand still either. If you enjoy full speed and challenging obstacles, launch Tom Gold Run and try to collect as many coins as possible racing down the city street packed with cars and by-passers!

MMORPGs: play with your friends!

And of course we couldn’t but mention the popular MMORPG genre that keeps players from all over the world involved in heated battles across a variety of scenarios. Try your luck on a deserted island with an ever-shrinking war zone in PUBG or defend your kingdom from numerous enemies in Clash Royale. The action can take place in a modern-time military situation or in a fantasy land filled with magic and fairy tale creatures. The main feature of MMORPG is that it is a multiplayer game requiring you either to team up with your friends or to combat against all other participants single-handedly. Plunge into the world of adventures and wonderful discoveries with online games for Android and iOS on our site!