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One of the biggest hits of recent years is FNaF, a series of horror-titles that took the gaming community from the ground up and gained millions of loyal fans. Nobody, and especially the creator Scott Cawthon, could ever predict that this is going to be a success of that level. You won’t believe it, but he started as a regular developer and his first product was a childish game about bears, who work at the farm, gather vegetables and fruits, and live a country life with all its precious.

Well, this was an epic fail and nobody was ever interested in a regular product like that. Later, he decided to turn his cute bears into creepy animatronics, nasty and dangerous. This is how the title appeared and this is how it has conquered so many hearts. Today, there are 5 parts of the series, all created less than in two years. The frequency is something that keep fans tuned, therefore here is another reason for FNaF being viral.

However, the main reason is the title’s atmosphere, of course. When you start playing, you find yourself under a great pressure, because the mechanical animals can enter your room at any moment and you are absolutely not defended. You cannot just slap them into their faces or shot them with a gun. You cannot even lock all the doors, windows, and other entrances that lead to your office. All you can is just watch. Watch them approaching closer and closer, feeling how your hands start shaking, because you are expecting to get jumpscared at any moment. Gladly, the cameras can help you predict their location and movement, so you should try to close the right doors and hope that they will go away. There are five creepy and deadly nights to stand, so get ready for a really crazy time.

As for the characters, they attract fans since they are really well-thought, detailed, and good-looking. They are pretty original and have their own characters. In some parts of the series, you will learn about their special preferences and traits of characters, so they are not just creepy monsters that appear here and there and try to spook you. They are so real and you have a chance to know your enemies closer. There is also a chapter created by FNaF fans, the one where you can even play for Freddy, the main animatronic, and organize his team in order to scare someone to death. In a word, the series have reasons to be that popular for sure and if you didn’t play them before, then you should try right now! We have them uploaded for free right here on our website.