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Hello Neighbor Games Play Online For free

How well do you know your neighbors? Some of them are sweet people always ready to borrow you a few eggs for a biscuit or a hammer to fix your sink and always up for a friendly talk. Others always seem to be picking a fight. But some prefer to stay away from curious gazes and don’t like showing their life to others. That’s exactly the kind of person the hero of our game met when he moved to another town. And despite his best efforts to make friends with this weirdo, he didn’t succeed. Moreover, he started suspecting there is something wrong with that guy… Why are his windows always tightly shuttered? Why does he keep aloof? What are the strange noises coming out of his house at times? And what does he keeps in his safely barred basement? You are about to find out… If you manage to sneak into your neighbor’s home unnoticed! Thrilling adventure is waiting for you in Hello Neighbor!


Spy around and don’t get caught!

So, you mission is to get into the house across the road and explore it hoping to find some clues. This isn’t going to be an easy task. Your neighbor is pretty cunning. He has an artificial intelligence that helps him remembering your moves and foretelling what you are about to do next. While in his home, you have to be extra careful. Move around quietly not to alert your opponent. He is going to be in the house all the time attending to his own business. Occasionally you will see him walking around, cooking dinner or doing his morning exercise. You will even get to hear him sing in the shower. Use that time to see around and investigate as many rooms as possible. But beware, if he catches you on the spot, the game will restart and you will have to begin from scratch. Moreover, the neighbor will remember where he saw you and head there next. You might even find a trap in that very place. So if you once used a window to sneak in, chances are high you’ll find a bear trap near it during your next outing. He will also put video cameras in areas where you have been spotted. So don’t get into his way!

Available versions

There have been several beta and alpha versions of Hello Neighbor so far. Since the game was announced, the setting has changed several times. There have been numerous additions to the neighbor’s house that has been expanded significantly. The latest version even features a roller coaster in the backyard! If you still haven’t bought the game on Steam, you can play one of these early versions for free. There is even a Halloween crossover of Hello Neighbor and Bendy and the Ink Machine! So choose the version you like best and start off!