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Metal Gear Games

An incredibly successful franchise and maybe one of the most popular series of the last decade, Metal Gear is something all gamers have to try. This is a product of Konami DE studio and these developers really know how to create games that capture our hearts. The title consists of five parts and all of them are based on the most advanced gaming technology known as Fox Engine, a graphical processor that makes playing experience smooth, realistic, and exciting in all ways.

Each part of the game features an open world that can be explored by the main character. The freedom of action is something that makes this title worth of attention – you don’t have to follow any particular plot line even though it exists. Everything is adjustable and your decisions influence the way the story will develop. Most of the chapters allow players to come up with their own playing styles and tactics, so you can choose what to do and where to go freely. Of course, there are some missions – both central and side ones – but you can follow them the way you want. The number of possibilities is limited to your imagination only.

All the parts of Metal Gear feature the main antagonist – tough guy called Snake. He is not just an enemy of the main character, but a real potential destroyer of humanity. In the first parts, the main heroes have fight with Snake and they win the battle. As a result, the antagonist falls in coma for a couple of years. However, in the latest part of the title, he comes back and wants a revenge. The events of the chapters are connected with global catastrophes, secret technologies, mysterious squads of super-human soldiers, and other amazing things all sci-fi fans definitely love. The ambitious developers don’t stop on fantastic elements. They also use serious and up-to-date topics like global crimes of the governments against people and psychology of war conflicts. Each chapter of Metal Gear has stunning graphics, original and well-thought character design, extremely wide functionality, and a great deal of interesting plot elements. Both the stories behind the game and the graphics will make gamers feel as if they are inside of the movie, not just play a game.

We believe that Metal Gear is a series that will surely become one of the most significant events in the global history of gaming. Due to the plot, beautiful art, deep ideas, and super-modern technologies, these titles will stay with us for a really long time. The functionality is also very high – it opens new in-game possibilities, expands your opportunities as a player, and brings you an exciting experience that is much broader than regular console-playing session. On this website, you will find all the existing parts of Metal Gear. They are uploaded for our dear users, so you can play them at any time – they are free and the access is unlimited. Play the series from the first till the last chapter and have fun! Be sure that we will upload the brand new part right after the launch, so whenever you expect for something fresh, come back to this resource and have it!