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1 Player Games

Gamers are classified by the number of players that can take part in the process simultaneously. Typically, some of them involve a number of people, who control their characters and whether cooperate or compete. When it comes to titles for one person, we get an absolutely different situation. Playing alone, you are usually the only one to take decisions and pass the challenges offered by the game.

You face the problems, puzzles or battles and handle them on your own. There are 1 player titles where you act as a task-solver, dealing with various logical and intellectual issues provided. Another type of titles for one are all about arcades, adventures, shooting or fighting. Naturally, we can divide them into two categories: static and dynamic. Your choice of a title for one will surely depend on your personal preferences. If you would like to spend your time training your analytical, critical and problem-solving skills, try puzzle titles (we have a great number of them gathered in this particular section). However, if you are in the mood to have some thrilling experience, you are welcome to browse through various genres and choose the one that you are fond of.

Genres of titles for one person vary. It is true that you can find almost any game type in the list. From arcades and indie-games, to shooters, horrors, and torturing ones, you can pick the one to your liking. If you are used to take decisions and face the problems on your own, then this type is exactly what you need. Looking for some fantastic worlds full of unusual creatures and interesting locations to discover? Or maybe you want something blood-chilling to test your nerves this evening? Or maybe you feel stressed and want to relax playing a shooter or even a torture title? We have a plenty of them right here. Playing alone can be so much fun. You take responsibilities for yourself and your actions and doesn’t need to take care of the other person, who is playing together with you. What is more, when competing with your friends in some online multiplayers or 1 vs 1 titles, you may feel stressed and annoyed by them (of course, there are no reasons for that, however, we all have been there). It’s a perfect way to recreate your energy and set your mind into peace, so wait no longer and get into the title you prefer.

Gladly, we have a wide range of all imaginable titles you can try. We do our best to track recently launched titles, check them carefully and upload to this site. Here, you won’t find any mediocre or low-quality ones, because we only upload the most popular and successful options. While the largest resources that offer free online playing include thousands of really bad ones, we do everything to avoid that. You won’t have to waste your precious time, trying to find a diamond in a mountain of trash, because we have an entire lump of diamonds for you right here. We track popular resources with games and make sure to take only the best they have to offer. After that, we locate them here, so you can enjoy them completely for free. We are always glad to provide you with new and amazing titles, so don’t forget to bookmark this resource and visit it regularly – new titles appear here almost every day!