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Educational Games

Kids like educational games. These are the titles that allow youngsters learn and play at the same time, which is a very exciting way to develop cognitive skills. Children can choose a game with bright and funny characters that will guide them through different fantastic worlds and help to resolve various puzzles. As a rule, educational games are focused on child’s development.

They help to improve memory, attention, reaction, puzzle-solving, analytical thinking skills, etc. Some are aimed at languages, providing kids with numerous tests based on the word choice, meaning, and order. The others are for young mathematicians – simple but pretty interesting tasks are waiting for all kids, ready to master the art of counting, adding, and other operations. In most cases, children learn much better when they get tasks and information in the form of a game. That is why, such entertainments are crucial.

On this website, you will find a great deal of educational games for kids of all ages. We have different types of them, so you should choose the one that suits your (and your kid’s) aims and preferences. If the word games are your favorite, then Word Weekend will be a perfect choice. Kids will get numerous puzzles connected with forming words and guessing them. This title expands vocabulary! The other amazing development game is Mahjong. This one will pass not only for kids, but for their parents as well! An ancient Chinese entertainment develop memory and attention, since you have to watch the board with pictures carefully and combine them in a correct order to move further and check new levels. In Puzzle Go you will have to move the blocks with number to make the right combinations. The correctly mixed blocks will disappear, giving you the way to new levels. All games can boast of having incredible graphics – beautiful and bright, so every child will love them! Try different types of games and see which genre suits you best. Don’t stick to a single one – pick different options and develop all of your skills!

By the way, we believe that educational games and puzzles will become favorite titles for the adults as well. Here you will get an access to numerous time-killing applications that will make your most boring hours of the day truly amazing. If you are feeling bored when riding a bus after a hard working day, there is nothing more wonderful than a good and relaxing educational puzzle. While you will have a relief and relax, your brain will continue working and training! Isn’t the best way to spend a couple of hours per day? So enter the section and enjoy dozens of free games we have uploaded especially for you!