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Clash Royale Games

There is hardly a person who hasn’t heard about Clash Royale. The secret of this amazing online game is that it combines two quite popular genres – card collectible and MOVA. Whether you are a long-term fan or a random by-passer, our wide choice of Clash Royale games and modes won’t leave you indifferent!

Let the battle begin!

The key element of Clash Royale is of course battles with an organic mix of strategic thinking and tactical possibilities. Battles are available both in online (multiplayer) mode and in the training arena where you can test new strategies and cards without losing trophies (cups). Rivals are selected based on the number of cups and player’s level, and the whole process is very quickly, so there’s no need to wait. Selection is fair. Very rarely you can come across a player much stronger than you.

The field, or rather the arena of Clash Royale where you are about to fight is divided by the river, and units can get to the other side with the help of two bridges. This is often where the fiercest battles take place. The goal is to destroy the opponent’s towers using a certain range of cards. Your primary task is to figure out which cards are best to use in a current situation. You should analyze the changing disposition of the troops, their strong and week sides and use them to your advantage. Proper and well-organized defense is just as important as bold attacks, so keep your nerves settled – you are going to need them.

Choose your cards wisely

Your military force is defined by cards. They can represent units, buildings and spells. Using each card costs a certain amount of elixir – this is yet another thing you keep an eye on during the battle. Units range from spearmen, archers and knights to goblins, witches and even dragons. Buildings include various canons, towers and other useful constructions that will help you in combat. Finally, you can use spells like snowball, clone or mirror for different effects applicable both to the troops of your enemy and your own soldiers.

Cards can be found in the chests awarded for victories. The level of the chest also depends on the level of the Arena, so you can always hope to discover some new, useful units. There are also free chests that can be opened every two hours. Cards, in turn, are divided into different types such as: Epic, Rare and Normal. The game is well-balanced, each type of troops has its own “antidote.” In most cases, the winning player is a strategist, not a donator player, which is good news. It is also a mistaken opinion that the game is built on donating and nothing can be achieved without money. This is not true. If you open the chests wisely, an hour a day will be quite enough to upgrade steadily.

We’re stronger as a clan

Clash Royale has another helpful feature that will allow you to win more frequently and level up faster – clans. These are unions of players who share cards, benefit from each other’s rating and assist each other in a number of other ways. In the clans, you can donate game cards to other players and request the ones you need. Also clans in Clash Royale participate in the ranking by the number of points.

When you have reached level 3 after improving the maps and upon receiving new ones, you will be able to join the clan or create your own. Clans in Clash Royale can have up to 50 players. If the clan is full (50 people in the clan), then first one person must leave it in order for another to join it. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’d do without a clan, but having one will seriously increase your chances. Check out the newest Clash Royale versions and modes on our site and plunge into the battle right now!