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Sally Face Games

If dark, mysterious and unclear stories that include elements of horror and detective thrill your blood, then you should try playing this title for sure. Sally is a guy with blue hair and a mask on his face. Nobody knows, what he is hiding! Very soon you will find out that he is not only hiding his face, but also his past, which has a great deal of strange spots.

You will have to experience how it is to be Sally, going to school, and facing challenges and oddities he has in his life. Some of them will seem similar to the problems all teenagers usually have in that age, while the others may surprise you. The entire plot is focused on the hardships a young man has to go through and you are going to pass them, too. The whole game is divided into short episodes, which will remind you about a cartoon about this gloomy little boy you have probably seen on TV before. Both cartoon and game are pretty disturbing and obscure.

There are several parts of the game and the first one tells about Sally’s family and neighbors. Sally along with his dad have moved to a new house one day. There they have met a lot of new people and nothing seemed to be wrong from the very beginning. However, very soon they started to notice strange things and suspicious behavior of their neighbors. As a result, they have realized that they have become witnesses of a bloody crime. The best feature of the game is that everything you can see is not even a half of everything that really happens, which make it realistic and really pleasant to play. In general, the adventure is mostly focused on the inner world of Sally. Believe us, this is a place full of nightmares and depressive states.

Passing the game is not very hard, still, it has a lot of amazing moments and unexpected plot twists, so we bet that you won’t get bored even despite a relatively simple gameplay. There is not so much action here, instead the levels are full of small riddles and secret puzzles and you are expected to look for them with care and solve them. Some of them will surely make your brain burn, but be creative and don’t be afraid to experiment. By the way, even if new parts of the title will be ever released in the future, there are almost no chances that the developers will show you his face. They claim that they would like to remain his appearance in secret, so the greatest mystery of the title is surely the main character.