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Brawl Stars Games

The game development studio Supercells launched an amazing battle game called Brawl Stars some time ago. The title became a real hit on the market and attracted numerous players because of its appealing design, interesting modes, and a great variety of unique characters to play for. There are different categories of heroes here, including warriors, funny gigantic people, shinobis, and even live skeletons. In addition to a number of characters that are steadily available for players, there are also hidden one. One can unlock them in the process of playing.

New brawlers can be found inside of the special items one can find in the game or purchase online. Those are magical boxes. If you choose to look for the boxes without buying anything, this is still an option and you have all chances to get them, however, this will take you a while. All characters are nicely-designed and have unique voices and style. The characters are called brawlers and they struggle each other to get as many stars as possible.

Gamers won’t get bored when they play Brawl Stars regularly. The trick is that the title has a variety of modes that are different from one another. Despite the fact that you cannot choose the mode on your own before you start playing, since the game decides the mode on its own, the options change automatically with time. So if you are not fond of any particular option, you can wait for a couple of days for your favorite campaign to start. At the same time, the provided variety is awesome. The title gets regular updates, new skins, characters, and features.

As for the modes, let’s make a small overview of each one. They are fast and have a limited amount of time for a battle, so players are expected to act quickly. The first mode is about getting ten items (jewelry) from your opponents and saving your own. There also a mode, where you have to stand a battle and stay alive when a really tough fight is going on. It is a survival one, so the last standing brawler (or a team) wins. The next one is also about getting stars, but you can only receive those when you kill the participants of another team. There is a defense mode, where you and your enemies will try to keep their bases safe from the invasion. The team that conquers a base of an opponent wins the battle. Remember that various characters have various strong and weak sides, so some of them act perfectly in particular types of modes but are less effective in the other ones. Get a collection of different brawlers to shine at every mission you get into!