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Games Ice Scream Horror

We all love ice cream and a cheeringly beeping white van rarely evokes any negative associations with us. Well, this is not the case for this particular neighborhood. Everyone knows that scary story about a guy who went out to buy a vanilla cone and ended up being kidnapped by the ice cream seller. The maniac took him in an unknown direction, nobody saw that happen except for one guy living nearby.

He decided he can’t stay aside and followed the vehicle to save his friend. But as you proceed through the story, you find out there is more to it than a simple crime. It appears the ice cream man froze the guy with some mysterious power. What if this isn’t the first time he did something like that? How many people has he already turned into his sweet goods? And how can you possible fight against him if he has supernatural abilities or some sort of a wacky technology at play? This is what you are about to find out in games Ice Scream Horror! Your mission is to hide inside his van and uncover his secret. To do that, you’ll have to travel with him through various locations and solve numerous puzzles that will help you save your frozen friend and figure out how to deal with the villain. There he comes, crawl inside and sit quiet before you come up with a plan!

Unfreeze your friend, solve the ice cream van mystery!

So what exactly can and can’t you do in this game? The evil Rod will hear all your moves, but you can hide and fool him to remain unnoticed. The ice cream van can be used to switch between the locations and uncover all the secrets that are in store for you. To save your neighbor from the grip of the terrible enemy, you’ll have to solve quite a number of puzzles. Some of them will be easy, but some will make you rake your brain. Don’t give up even if the answer seems to evade you – there is always a solution, you just need to look more carefully! There are three difficulty levels for you to try. Will you be able to beat the last one? Even if you consider yourself an experienced survivor, it can surely make you sweat! And finally, there is a special option that you won’t find in other games – you can take vengeance on the kidnapper by hitting him with a car. Thrilling emotions are guaranteed! If you want to enjoy a horror game that focuses on detective scenes and puzzles rather than screamers and blood, Ice Scream Horror games is just what you need. Start your creepy adventure right now and see if you can unravel this tricky and spooky case!