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Counter Strike Games

For long ten years, Counter Strike has been a blockbuster of the game world. Indeed, right after the launch, the title got so many appreciations that it is hard to believe it. Till these days, CS stays one of the most popular and widely accepted shooting titles in the world and there is no wonder – it is hard to find another one that would provide such a variety of options. Here you can try different types of weapons, invent your own fighting styles, play as a loner or together with your friends, and more.

What is more, you can even choose the side you are going to fight for. Initially, there are two camps here – the first one is a group of villains, terrorists, and criminals. The second is quite the opposite – it consists of policemen, people, who do everything to defend the law and others. Both are ready to risk their lives for their ambitions or ideals. So you are welcome to choose the one that you like and start playing.

Once you start, you will have to solve the problem that is already a case. If you are a terrorist, then you have to do something that all terrorists do. Of course, you need to place the bomb somewhere in the location, where you can do maximum harm and damage. However, witty policemen will do everything to stop you and the real gun fight will start. On the contrary, playing as a representative of the cops, you will have to follow your sacral duty and prevent the criminals from doing harm to the city. As such, you need to neutralize the bomb and kill them one by one, because they are extremely dangerous and won’t give you any chance – if you don’t murder them, they will murder you. Yes, things are pretty tough at Counter Strike, but at the same time they seem to be simple. That’s not true, actually despite the simplicity of the plot behind the scene, the entire process requires special skills and you won’t win the fight that easily. Maybe, you will need a couple of tries to learn how to stand against the enemy, but with time, you will realize how to hide, attack, and what to do in the extreme situations that will happen all the time.

On this site, you will get an access to large selection of CS titles! We have found and uploaded the best options for you, so the time has come to start a journey the end of which cannot be predicted. The title is perfect for team play – you can call your buddies, divide into two teams and have a great fun competing against each other. If not, then you can always join the server and find a team of like-minded people, who are ready to work with you in a group. Learn how to shoot better, gather new weapons, and do your best to defeat the opposing side! All games at this platform are free and unlimited, so play day and night and have fun!