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Stickman Games

The family of Stickman games is rather large. It is surprising how such a graphically simple game has become so popular. It once again proves that you don’t need stunning 3D visuals to make the gameplay captivating. The hero of the game can be found in many kid’s drawings. His body is made of stick with and his head is a mere circle. Still that doesn’t prevent him from setting off on amazing adventures! He lives an active life fighting his enemies, pursuing sports, traveling and doing other interesting things. He is a great fighter and sniper. You will get to know this guy better in our fascinating Stickman games!

Get your thrill

Although Stickman looks rather primitive, there is a great number of genres he participates in. Adventure and fighting games, racing simulators and strategies – this hand-drawn man appears everywhere. Each game features a fascinating story and you can easily choose one to your liking. They fit all ages since even in the fiercest of fights there is no blood to scare a child. Playing Stickman, you can try on the shoes of a sniper who shoots off his enemies from a secure shelter. With the dynamics and speed, you’ll get a great action where circles are getting red and the counter is clicking adding points. Full-scale war maneuvers will be appreciated by those who dream of feeling like a real warrior. Our adventurous character can set off on a space trip since he isn’t afraid of changes of gravitation. He can take part in a race with obstacles jumping up and down and racing along the road. Besides, he also rides a bike choosing the most dangerous tracks, jumps with a parachute, climbs mountains and can even control a plane performing stunning air tricks and flying upside down.

Life isn’t only about adventures

There is also a slew of less extreme Stickman games for those who prefer to spend time in a calm and relaxed way. You can try to make the hero a bit more sophisticated by drawing his hair and choosing clothes for him. If your Stickman is a guy, he will definitely look great with mustache. If this is a girl, you can add long curls, bows and a skirt. The life of Stickman isn’t only about constant challenges and adventures. He can learn dancing, do yoga or even go on a date. Regardless of your genre preferences, you are sure to find a Stickman game that won’t let you tear off the screen! Our site offers a wide collection of those, so stick around (pun intended)!