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Adam and Eve Games

What if the main narrative of the humanity was implemented in the form of a game? How about playing the story of Adam and Eve? Well, now you have an opportunity like that. This is a point-to-click title, where you play for Adam, the first man on the Earth. However, unlike in the original idea, you are not created in a Paradise from the very beginning, where all the beautiful flowers are blooming and the birds are singing. In this case, Paradise is something you have to reach (and deserve).

Just like you are a regular person after the Paradise was lost, right? No matter what, you need to begin your dangerous way to reach this fantastic place, because your beloved – and the only one in the world – woman is waiting for you there. Pretty Eve feels lonely and bored, even being in a perfect place like that. Nothing can make your feel happy, when your beloved man is away from you, even the sightseeing of heaven.

Adam is ready to go, but he needs you to guide him. You should support him on this way, because he won’t deal with the obstacles and challenges on his own that easy. The prevent him from moving faster and meet his lady, so make everything to let the loving hearts of two first human beings unite. The title is full of incredible puzzles, some of which are really complicated, so you will certainly spend a day or two trying to lead your friend Adam through the various obstacles. Every new area and level will offer some more issues to solve and be ready – the further you move, the more difficult these issues will become. It is very important to let Adam finally reach the desired place – Paradise. First, he needs a place to have a rest and live. Second, there are so many animals, reptiles, and birds for him to name and the last and the most crucial – he needs to reach Eve. Imagine, what could happen if Adam doesn’t manage to do that. First, the humanity won’t have a language! The names given the objects will stay in Adams head forever. Second, no humanity will ever appear, though. If the first people won’t give birth to second people, and the second people won’t give birth to the third people, then the population of our planet will never exist. In most video games, you have to prevent humanity from extinction, by saving them from catastrophes and various disaster. What about switching everything vice versa? What about a mission that actually requires you to make humanity appear?

There is a wide range of the games in this series and guess what? We have already gathered, uploaded, and presented them on this site. You are lucky to have a chance and play them all, from the first one to the last one. If any continuations, special modes, or new editions ever appear, we will upload them right here, as well. So if you really feel like a fan of Adam and Eve, you should check them all and don’t forget to come back here for something new with time. We do everything to provide you with the best and the most popular video games for free. Help Adam get to the Paradise and don’t forget to check more amazing games!