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Weapon Games

There is probably no such guy who isn’t thrilled by weapons. Some guys like antique muskets, hunting rifles and cowboy colts, others have interest for modern firearms, and some still live in the romantic era of the Middle Ages with its swords and bows. A well-made weapon is a work of art. It can be admired for hours, it is pleasant to hold and we can nearly feel how effective it would be in combat.

From our favorite online games, we know how important it is to choose the right weapon setting off for an adventure or stepping into the battle arena. But what if you can go further and make one yourself? We offer a brand new category of games allowing you to create weapons from scratch!

Design and test

So, where does the creation of weapons begin? First, you need to have a clear idea of how it works. That is, to understand the laws of physics and mechanics. But even if you are not very good at this, the game menu will give you a clue where to start. Pick up all the necessary parts and put them together so that everything works as it should. You can build a vast variety of weapons – pistols, guns, swords, axes or bows.

For starters, you can try yourself as a medieval blacksmith, forging everything your countrymen need to defeat a hostile army or creepy monsters attacking peaceful villages. There is a lot of work to do, so don’t waste your time! The enemy is near and your skills are needed to save the kingdom!

In some games you can create fire weapons and test them in the shooting range to make sure of their efficiency. And if you want to make something exclusive, you can safely discard all schemes and templates and experiment with various elements in search of a completely new principle of shooting. Shotguns, sniper rifles, even machine guns – you can create any of these weapons yourself in just a few minutes.

Import your weapon into other games!

Moreover, you can upload your creation to the server and share it with other players, as well as evaluate their own designs. You can even use weapons made by your hands in online games! You no longer need to scour the map in search of suitable weapons or collect money for hours to buy the necessary equipment. Just create a weapon with the desired parameters in our apps and become the strongest!