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Don’t Starve Games

Survival and action – these are the main traits of a popular series called Don’t Starve. The main aim of each part sounds simple: you need to stay alive for as long as you can. However, easier said than done, because an extremal and dangerous world is waiting for you. Each part of the franchise starts with a character choice. Once you have made a decision, you can adjust and customize the world to play in.

After that, you will find yourself on the location and meet Maxwell. He will give you a couple of hints on what to do (for instance, you need to find some wood to make fire and keep yourself warm or anything like that). The world you have constructed yourself will become your last destination if you fail to survive. The character can die from cold, monster’s attack, hunger, and other dangers. If you do manage to keep him alive for a period that is long enough, he will have chances to survive and get away from this place. The character will die at the moment when the points that indicate his life and health will become too low. To rescue him, you will have to find a special portal that will bring you to another world. If you escape, then the game will offer you some new characters to play. The number of unlocked heroes will depend on the amount of score you have gathered during your last survival session.

The game has different regimes and the time is changing here. There are days, nights, and evening here. During the light time, you will gather resources, grow plants, hunt, catch fish, and do everything required for your survival. When the evening comes, you need to be more careful. This is the time when you have to take care about the night hours, because they are the riskiest. When the dark time comes, you character feels tired, so his cognitive and physical abilities become lower. At night, you won’t be able to see anything because of the darkness around. What is more, this is the time when your hero can lose his mind. And what is even more dramatic, he will be severely attacked by the night demon. The monster can kill you in one hit, so try to stay away from him and create yourself a shelter to hide. Also, to keep the monster away from you, it is necessary to have some light source – whether a fire or something else. This will help you keep the demon on a distance, because he is afraid of light. Keep an eye on your fire – it can fade away and then you are doomed.

There are three parameters you need to consider during the game – hunger, mind, and health. Health can decrease if the hero gets frozen or hurt. Eat food to replenish it. If the character is starving, he can die as well. The mind is not connected with any physical comfort, however, if it gets too low, the character will see nightmares and hallucinations that can hurt him as well and interfere the habitual life. The level of healthy mind can be increased by food, sleep, flowers, and special mushrooms.