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Angry Birds Games

One of the oldest and most popular online games, Angry Birds is still at the top of the ratings. It seems the idea should have tarnished over the years, but new versions of the game keep launching every year challenging the fearless feathered avengers to fight their venerate enemies, pigs, in various environments, from Amazon jungle to open space. If you are a fan of this franchise and want to keep track of the latest releases, check out our Angry Birds games online! There are plenty to choose from!

Shoot the birds, kill the pigs

Why birds and pigs? It’s no coincidence. There is a confrontation between the two sides, which is described in the first part of the game. The thing is that the little family of funny green pigs was tempted to feed on abandoned eggs in bird nests. Of course, the birds didn’t like it. They should return their potential chicks at all costs, without letting the piglets headed by the king eat fresh scrambled eggs!

Now the most interesting! Angry Birds wouldn’t have been so popular if not for the idea, which is really addictive, although it is not something very tricky – just the laws of physics. Owners of their sensory devices are invited to fire a wide range of bird units from a slingshot destroying designs pigs managed to build. All species have different fighting qualities, names and even characters. As the game developed, new units appeared in new chapters, forming a family of Angry Birds that won’t stop at anything to get their eggs back and have their revenge on the ravenous pigs.

Out of the jungle and into space

How many Angry Bird versions have you played? If not too many, our site is just the right place for you! Here you can find Angry Bird Seasons that adds themed bonuses and perks together with some new features – for instance, portals and auto aiming at the closest pig. More additions can be found in Angry Birds Rio – that’s right, based on a popular animated movie. This chapter replaces familiar characters with colorful parrots and tropical birds who fight against monkeys. Some levels don’t contain enemies, and instead they are closed cages with birds that must be released. The physics is even more intricate. Balls jump, umbrellas ricochet and you can swim underwater.

However, the developers weren’t content with conquering the earth and set off to explore the galaxy. Each chapter of Angry Birds Space is a different planet, with its own environment and gravity. Objects in the open space are weightless, allowing you to resort to various physics tricks. The characters also changed: for instance, the classic bird Red produces sound waves and there is a new ice bird freezing everything in its way.

On our site you can play different versions and modes of Angry Birds online. There is also a good deal of mini games inspired by the franchise and featuring familiar heroes. Aim well and don’t let a single pig get away!