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Red Ball Games

Far, far away, in the virtual world, there is a round kingdom inhabited by balls of different colors. This is the homeland of our hero – the restless red ball. He has never been abroad and wants to travel around the world. So one day he rolls out on the road and starts a fascinating journey full of unknown dangers and challenges. His way lies across various terrains – green forests and flourishing meadows, oozy marshes and snow-covered mountains, even through suburbs and city streets.

All this is new to him and he is all alone on his trip. He desperately needs a friend who will tell him where to turn and how to get through another obstacle. Will you be that person? If so, let’s set out on a wonderful adventure together with our charming character!

Roll, hop and avoid traps

The gameplay isn’t as simple as it may seem at first sight. There are plenty of dangers waiting for you ahead, so you have to be careful and watch your step. If you lose vigilance even for a second, you can fall from a platform or bump into a prick. A collision with a sharp object won’t end well for our guy, so try to deftly overcome all the obstacles. The movement runs at a rather fast speed. You need to focus on controlling your character and dodging between the bumps and pits. If you don’t have time to cruise around the hindrance, try to hop over it. This is especially important when you see a red flag on your way – these are save points from where you’ll be able to restart if you lose. Our hero has several lives in store, but they can end very quickly, so don’t spend them carelessly! Every level is tougher than the one that went before and getting to its end will be more and more daring. Besides, you shouldn’t forget about collecting stars scattered on the map – they will bring you extra points and increase your score.

New adventures every time!

The adventures of the red ball are multiple and diverse. He will set foot in the most distant corner of earth and you will lead him all the way. Sometimes you’ll have to jump from platform to platform avoiding suspended obstacles and floating traps. Sometimes you’ll be racing through a hindrance-packed track striving to get to the finish line in time. And sometimes there will be a dangerous task for you to complete – for instance, save your beloved one from a kidnapper or the whole country from the cunning black square who wants to rid the world of all round shapes and curved lines. Lend our brave character a helping hand and guide him through all the trials!