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Idle Games

Not every person likes to playing complicated platformers and strategies that require a lot of tactics. Most of us would rather prefer spending an evening at so-called idle games where quick response is the only thing needed from player. This is a new genre of online games made specifically to enjoy easy stuff and alleviate psychological tension.

The fundament is the unceasing action, so you have to be continuously in the process of the gameplay and point gaining. So if you are tired of everything you’ve tried before, you should definitely check out idle games that will bring in a bit diversity to your free time. Whenever you’re at work or home, on your way somewhere, you can snatch a few minutes and enjoy your leisure!

Click and score, tap and win!

Generally idle games are designed in a typical way. All you need to do is tap or click on certain items to perform the required actions. You can get points or accumulate money, evolve your character, complete missions and pass through numerous levels. Nevertheless, the variety of scenarios is stunning. It all started with cookie clickers where your goal is to click on sweets in order to make more of them and earn money. A single home kitchen could thus be developed into a whole industry. Then the players were tasked to cook certain dishes – for instance, add various components to make a pizza. And after that, idle games have spread all over the web. You can set out on a fantasy trip and upgrade your hero, recruit a mighty army and defeat your enemies, conquer new lands and expand your territories. There are simpler concepts – filling a filed with geometrical shapes, pursuing various objects moving across the screen, play a great number of puzzles. All that goes without having to master the challenging controls, the gameplay is quite understandable and you can plunge straight into the action.

Choose your entertainment

But idle games are far from primitive. Some of them set a fast pace from the start and require your entire attention to win. Even easy things like catching a ball by tapping on the screen may turn out to be quite daring. It will keep running away form you and slipping out from before your very nose. If you aren’t used to giving up and keep pushing till the end, this is just the right choice for you. And in case you prefer games with a story, you can build a career of a secret agent or run your own zoo. On our site, you can easily choose an option that suits your own preferences. Play our idle games online and have simple yet challenging fun!