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Mahjong Games

If you take a look at Chinese characters, you will understand that this nation is really found of complicated things! That is why, ancient Chinese were fond of intellectual leisure. Their games were not only enjoyable, but also made the players think for a while and plan their actions. Planning is everything if you want to win a tricky puzzle!

One of such games is Mahjong. It came to us from the old times and passed the centuries. While the oldest Mahjong games were physical and people used special boards and chips to play them, today we have a digital version of the same entertainment. Ancient Chinese made Mahjong games using stones, bones, and wood. They painted different images there, from symbols to detailed pictures of various tools, animals, birds, and people. Now you can check the online versions of the Mahjong games and here the developers’ fantasy doesn’t have any limits.

As such, we have gathered a wide collection of Mahjong games of all shapes and colors. Children will surely like Candy Mahjong, a very cute title with adorable artwork, where the chips are painted in pink and have various sweets drawn on the surface. Those, who are fond of Chinese culture and classical aesthetics, will like traditional Mahjong, where the chips have dragons and warriors on them. There are various types of the game and you can choose the one from the list! When you have already picked the style you prefer, move to the game itself. It can be played online absolutely for free, any time you want! If this is your first time playing Mahjong, then don’t worry – the rules are very simple. Just look at the board with chips and make the same ones match. Think about your next moves and be very attentive! Sometimes, you will have to think and watch for a while before you see the required elements. The matched chips will disappear from the board and when you are done with one layer, the next one will be seen. You can play until you master the art of Mahjong and train your attention like a real Chinese dragon! Also, different titles have various levels of complexity, so if you are an experienced player, then you will find some more complicated versions interesting. Both children and their parents will surely have a good time playing Mahjong on our site! So immerse yourself into the world of ancient puzzle that have been invented a couple of centuries ago. Think about it – Mahjong doesn’t let people feel bored for so many years, so it will definitely keep you interested as well!