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Mortal Kombat Games

Mortal Kombat is one of the most famous fighting games that is still respected and played all over the world. What is the secret of its popularity? After all, it appeared so long ago when there weren’t any cool graphics or 3D animations yet. It’s hard to answer, but probably the point is that it was the first – and very epic! Today we can enjoy our favorite martial arts adventure online on a variety of devices. So let the gong ring and the first round begin!

Martial arts, blood and good vs evil

The plot of the game is built around a combat tournament arranged by Emperor Shao Kang. This is a place where mortals fight against forces of evil. The original Mortal Combat was born back in 1992. It immediately gained unprecedented fame and was followed by new games in the series, as well as many comics, cartoons and even movies. This is actually one of the few times when a movie was filmed by a game.

Each chapter in the Mortal Kombat series has an extremely high level of violence. Especially memorable are the finishing moves called Fatality. This is a special technique used to finish off the opponent. It can be done only at the end of the fight, when your enemy is already defeated. After applying it, bones are the only thing that remain in the spot where a mighty fighter was standing just a few minutes ago, and blood splashes fly to all sides of the arena. Yes, it’s brutal, but it allows you to feel your power and makes the conclusion of the match really spectacular!

Fight, win and save the world!

Mortal Kombat was a pioneer in the niche of fighting games. At that time when the first release took place nothing of the kind existed yet, all the alternatives were very primitive, with scarce graphics and hardly any dynamic variety. So people flew to that Mortal Kombat like locust to a lush corn field. They were intrigued by numerous characters and a lot of different tricks they performed during fights. With each new game, the visuals was growing more and more realistic, and each hero was becoming ever more unique.

After all, fighting for the future of our planet and defeating the dark forces is the duty of every true gamer! For that, we have gathered the best Mortal Kombat games. Pull yourself together and show your enemies what you’re worth! You can also invite your friends and set up your own tournament to find out who is the strongest fighter. Plunge into teen nostalgia playing the immortal Mortal Kombat online!