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Shadow Fight Games

Is there a fighting game as popular as Shadow Fight? Hardly. This spectacular combination of incredible graphics, smartly designed combat system and RPG elements will give you a taste of Asian-style martial arts on your mobile device! The character is a brave samurai, a great warrior whose soul got trapped in the world of shadows. Now he has to fight his way back challenging the souls of legendary samurais and demon bosses to one last combat.

Defeating one enemy after another, you can learn a great number of moves and styles using a large assortment of weapons, from daggers to shurikens. Combine directions and action buttons to perform various combos that will bring you coins for upgrades. Use the money to buy new weapons, armor and other stuff. The game features a training hall where you can try new tricks and learn new skills. Nowadays, there are two versions of Shadow Fight online. In the nearest future, fans expect the launch of the third chapter. Besides, there are various jailbroken versions and mods available, allowing you to use an even wider range of functions and giving you access to endless money. On our site, you can find video guides for both Shadow Fight and Shadow Fight 2.