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Guitar Games

Music is a universal language that can be understood in all corners of the world. When you hear the first sounds of your favorite song, you are ready to soar into the sky and all problems stop worrying you at once. This is the kind of power that can unite a huge audience in one rampant flow of emotions and make the hearts of the whole concert hall beat as one. No wonder so many people love music and rock music in particular. This genre is so full of life and passion!

The juicy guitar riffs and brisk drum beat can instantly raise your mood and energize every cell of your body. Say nothing of the magnificent solos great guitarists are capable of producing with their fingers swiftly running the vulture and striking the most amazing combinations of notes. You can become part of it, too! Our online guitar games will allow you feel like a true rock star shaking stadiums with your thundering hits! Are you ready to set out on this fascinating journey into the world of music? Then let’s rock!

Become a virtual guitar legend!

To enjoy our guitar games online, you don’t have to play any musical instrument. In fact, it doesn’t even matter if you are that good at music in general. All you need is the ability to keep with the rhythm and press the right buttons just in time for the melody to go on. There is a great number of wonderful tunes for you to try your hand at. The better you follow the beat the more points you will score. Your popularity will grow, you’ll gain access to new, even cooler songs and get a chance to perform at new, even bigger venues. It’s easy to make a virtual career of a rock legend. Just keep that vibe inside you ringing and let it burst out into a dazzling sequence of sounds! Aside from guitar, you can also play other instruments – the mechanics is just the same. Perhaps you can even play the parts of a whole band aptly switching between the tracks! It all depends on your ear for music and the speed of your fingers.

Gather your own rock band!

Many of us dreamed of creating our own rock band as teens, just like those that looked at us from the wall posters over our beds. Now you can make this dream come true with our amazing guitar games! There are plenty of musicians endowed with a lot of talent and a wish to make a noise in the rock world, you just have to gather them on one stage and inspire them to do their best. Rock and roll together with your favorite characters, discover the stunning power of heavy music and increase your score with every successful performance!