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Kick the Buddy Games

We all experience negative emotions at times. Anger, aggression and irritation are inevitably present in our life, and there is no getting away from it. How we deal with these feelings is another matter through. Someone throws out their fury on family and friends, and someone sublimates it into online games like Kick the Buddy! This is a great way to deal with the tension when everything around you is infuriating. The point of the game is simple: there is a smiling mannequin that can be tormented by any means. Your task is to inflict maximum damage on him and get points for it!

Become a torture expert!

There are a lot of ways to hurt Buddy in the game. You’ll have a huge arsenal including all kinds of weapons for sophisticated torture. You can slice the rag doll into pieces with knives, flatten him into a cake with a huge hammer, cut him with a chainsaw, or blow him up on a mine. Sharp spikes and bombs can be placed on the floor, explosions will throw Buddy onto the walls, where new traps are already waiting for him. Crossbows and laser cannons mounted on the ceiling will burst through him every time his wrecked body flies past. As a result of all these actions, only rags will remain from our hero, and you will count the points earned in the process.

The more damage Buddy takes, the higher your score will be. And this is not only a reason to be proud – points can be spent on gaining access to new types of torture instruments. Not all of them will be available at once, some will take quite a lot of efforts to open. In the end, you will have at your disposal both melee weapons and futuristic devices that don’t yet exist in nature or are available only for a lot of money on super equipped polygons. And you will have them already here and now!

Find a healthy outlet for negative energy!

You can play Kick the Buddy for hours. There can be no winners or losers here, you don’t have to compete with anyone. There is no particular cruelty in the gameplay either, because our hero takes down all the bullying with a serene face. After all, this is just a doll that is easy to repair, no matter how damaged it is. On the screen, you won’t see any blood and violence, except for the purely symbolic. It’s like kicking a closet door that won’t shut when you’re in a bad mood. Nobody gets hurt, but you feel much calmer now. Don’t let negative feelings accumulate inside, give way to your anger and let the virtual Buddy suffer instead of anyone from your surroundings!