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RPG Games

Are you bored with everyday life? Longing for real adventures and a chance to prove yourself? Then you definitely need to try one of our incredible RPG games! They will give you a chance to become a true hero who is destined for greatness and can change the fate of the world. Are you ready for such a responsible mission? Then off you go!

Improve your hero, learn new skills!

In RPG, there are broad opportunities for upgrading the main character. You start playing as a helpless hero who barely remembers himself and is unable to hold a wooden sword in his hands. And then some mysterious ally comes to the rescue, teaching you the basics of gameplay. At the first levels, you discover your unique style and go through training tasks. Bit by bit, you find out what you’re capable of, improve your characteristics and learn new skills.

Most RPG games have a complex skill tree allowing you to evolve your hero along a number of paths. You can focus on developing your melee skills and become the greatest swordsman the world has ever seen. Or turn into an ample archer who can shoot from a great distance, fire several arrows at once and even slow down time as you aim. And since the genre often has to deal with fantasy worlds, many games also offer you a chance to learn the secrets of magic bringing your enemies down with spectacular spells. At the same time, your basic parameters that are the same for every class of characters will also grow based on your choice or the skills you use most often. Add a vast variety of weapons and equipment, colorful locations, different scenarios and settings that can take you almost anywhere, to a fantasy land with kings and dragons to a post-apocalyptic future – and you have a perfect option to spend your leisure in a very exciting, fulfilling way!

Fight side by side with your friends!

RPG games are fun enough to play on your own, but they are even more fascinating when you team up with your friends. That opens up a whole new range of opportunities for tactical interaction. Firstly, without the support of friends, you are an easy target for mobs, and secondly, representatives of every class are good at their own thing.

For example, your team includes a berserk, an archer and a magician. The berserk can be sent into the very epicenter of the battle because he mostly has a good damage rate and protection and can effectively deal with enemies at close range. The archer will support him from afar which is especially helpful if there are also archers among your opponents that can take away a good deal of your health before you get to them. And the task of the magician is to protect the members of the squad and apply spells enhancing characteristics or to maintain health at maximum. As you can see, everyone has a job to do and such a tandem can be very impressive! Discover the amazing world of RPG games, choose your favorite one and enjoy it either alone or with your friends!