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Fighting Games

Fighting is an integral part of any boy’s life. Whether it’s a friendly scuffle or a showdown in the yard, we can safely say that almost every boy has used his fists at least several times in his life. And when we grow up, this desire to show our strength, to prove our case doesn’t go anywhere. Of course, with age, we become more restrained and well-mannered and don’t rush into a fight at the drop of a hat. But why not have a blast in computer games? Our online fighting games will allow both a young tomboy and a bearded grownup to let out of his inner bully, take his mind off everyday routine and have a fun time!

Ninja or Mike Tyson?

Fighting games are very diverse both in story and gameplay. On our site you will find a huge selection of fights to your taste. Perhaps you are a fan of ninjas and martial arts? Fight the best warriors in the multiplayer arena or try on the role of a fearless and elusive assassin, combating dangerous villains and performing missions the fate of the whole world depends on. If you follow boxing matches with enthusiasm, welcome to the ring. Choose one of your favorite champions and knock out your opponents! Even lovers of science fiction will find something to do on our site – after all, not only humans, but also robots can meet in a battle. And it is an even more exciting sight, with the possibility of using various technologies of the future and eye-pleasing special effects. The heroes of many online fighting games are popular comics, cartoon and movie characters, so that you can not only brandish your fists and wave a blade, but also feel like part of your favorite franchise.

Win, upgrade and hit the leaderboards!

Don’t think that fighting games are only about fights! Some of them are based on intricate stories, the outcome of which depends on your decisions. But even if your only task is to defeat other players and get to the top, the ability to level up your character, learn new skills and buy different types of weapons won’t let you get bored. Each battle will be different from the previous one, your hero will be able to use ever more powerful and complex techniques, and well-chosen equipment will give you an edge over your opponents. Besides, fighting with real players is much more interesting and difficult than against a computer! In multiplayer fighting games, various tournaments are regularly held where you can show yourself, and there are also daily missions with valuable prizes. Players who have achieved the most impressive results will end up on leaderboards. Let’s admit, it’s worth fighting for!