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Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir

When night falls and danger lurks in the city streets, only noble superheroes stand up against cunning villains and their criminal plans. The events of this story takes place in the city of Paris – the most romantic corner of the Earth. Here everything is literally saturated with love and miracles. However, no matter how beautiful Paris may be at first glance, there are still catastrophes, accidents and crimes threatening its peaceful existence. Don’t worry, our two heroes won’t let evil prevail! Our Miraculous: Tales of Lady Bug and Cat Noir games are about them!

Anonymous rescuers

Who are these two? They guard the city and its inhabitants at night, when almost no one sees them. Of course, these heroes are none other than people dressed in super costumes. They have masks on their faces that give them an even more mysterious look. By the way, Lady Bug and Can Noir prefer not to take off their masks and costumes even in the company of each other. Complete mystery. No one will hide from the heroes: neither petty thieves, nor hooligans, nor formidable villains. Together, Lady Bag and Cat Noir are an invincible couple, they can literally do anything, even if they save the whole world. But after all, the night is not eternal, dawn will come sooner or later, the inhabitants will wake up. Where do the brave heroes go then? Hide before dusk? No, they just take off their masks and costumes and return to normal human life.

Who hide behind the masks?

After all, super heroes are just an image, and on weekdays, Ladies and Cats are none other than Parisian high school students. Moreover, they study in the same school and in the same class. But among themselves in ordinary life they practically don’t communicate, and at night they don’t realize the state of things. Marinett and Adrian are the names known by parents, friends, relatives. They weren’t always super heroes and even became them completely by chance, by inheritance. Of course, they cannot give up their abilities, otherwise Paris will collapse sooner or later, therefore they have to lead a double life. Only one question remains: will they ever know the truth about each other or will they still live in ignorance? While their secrets are known only to each of them and to you. And it’s up to you to choose the end of this story! Our Miraculous: Tales of Lady Bug and Cat Noir games span a great number of genres, from platformer and quests to dressing and kissing. You can take part in their fight against evil, investigate crimes, choose superhero outfits and make sure the two find love even without uncovering their identities. If you are ready for chases over Paris rooftops, combats with dangerous villains and relationship challenges, Lady Bug and Cat Noir are waiting for you!